Araferaku by Jelili Atiku 26th January 2013 at Ejigbo
Badiu Olunrunfemi, Photographer unknown, Courtesy of Jelili Atiku
Badiu Olunrunfemi, Photographer unknown, Courtesy of Jelili Atiku

Closing Performance Piece of The Progress of Love.

Sat 26th January at Ejigbo, Lagos 2pm

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Over the past four months CCA,Lagos has presented a dynamic and diverse perspective on the idea of Love through performances, performative and interactive installations, videos and films. The public programme has included a roundtable on Performance Art in West Africa with artists from Nigeria, Ghana and Ivory Coast. A literary perspective was provided by authors, poets and a playwright, highlighting the different variations of Love. As this unprecedented transatlantic collaboration with The Menil Collection, Houston and Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, St Louis comes to a close at the Centre for Contemporary Art, Lagos, Love is celebrated through the performance of Jelili Atiku in a moving tribute to a father that he never had the opportunity to meet.

Commissioned as part of The Progress for Love, the two part performance piece Araferaku (2013) loosely translated from the Yoruba means A Part of Me is Missing triggers personal emotions which manifest as an eulogy of a son to a father who died seven months before his birth. Araferaku takes place over three days. The first part is a forty-four hours durational meditation invoking the memory of his father. Taking place in an empty space covered floor to ceiling with wallpaper of the only fading photograph of his father, Atiku invokes the memory of an presence that is absent. Alone throughout most of the 44 hours representing an hour for each year of his life, the only person that is allowed – albeit briefly – to share in the moment is his mother creating a trilogy that is almost transcendental. The 2nd and final part of the performance mimics the Yoruba traditional final burial rites ceremony blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction as an attempt is made to attain a state of closure through the public depiction of a universal emotion.

Jelli Atiku (1968) lives and works in Lagos.

A bus will leave CCA,Lagos at 12.30pm to Ejigbo where the performance will take place. Join Us!!!