Eaten By The Heart (Part 1)

Eaten By The Heart is a video installation and documentary project conceived, produced and directed by film-maker and video artist, Zina Saro-Wiwa.

Commissioned by The Menil Collection, Houston and supported by the Houston Museum of African American Culture ( for the Menil’s exhibition The Progress of Love, the piece explores intimacy, heartbreak and love performances among Africans and African Diasporans.

Eaten By The Heart forms part of Zina’s video performance practice which currently focuses on the mapping of emotional landscapes, its resulting performative behaviors and cross-cultural implications. She states: “So many of us cite with confidence that Love Is Universal. But the performance of love is, it seems, cultural. I wonder how the impact of how we choreograph and culturally organize the performance of love impacts what we feel inside and who we become.”

The documentary aspect of the Eaten By The Heart project will be expressed in three online films throughout the life of The Progress of Love exhibition. To experience the video installation – an hour-long series of kissing performances – visit the Menil Collection’s The Progress of Love exhibition on-site, in Houston.

We would love to hear from you. Wherever you are from. Please share comments and also your own stories of kissing, heartbreak, and where you think love lives in your own culture.